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Jonathan Torres , Recipient of Jonas Scholarship 2010,  leads worship at ORU Chapel Service  in 2012

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In 2008 Jonas B. Nyberg Memorial Scholarship Fund awarded the first scholarship generated from the fund to Mathhew Warnock. Since then 13 more scholarships have been awarded.

Qualified Applicants have the opportunity to apply on a yearly basis. The deadline to apply is  April 15.


A news brief about Beau Fields of Washington  was published in High Desert Star Newspaper in Yucca Valley California Wednesday June 28 ,2023. A plaque honoring students that have  received Jonas Scholarship is posted at Oral Robrts University. 

Nyberg 2023.jpeg

Since 2008 14 students have reeceived Jonas Scholarship. This year Beau Fields was selected to receive the Scholarship. Click the arrow to the right and you will see all the recipient from the most recent to the first one awarded.

Jonas B. Nyberg Memorial Scholarship Fund

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