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Each New Years Eve the organization 'The Unforgettables' gather parents and loved ones who lost a child for a memorial walk and service in Loma Linda, Ca. Depicted is the Founder Tim Evans wih the Nyberg Family in 2014. This organization has helped many families in need with finances for burial including us.

The Unforgettables

The 2015 Recipient of Jonas Scholarship

Nathan Dotson from Indiana received Jonas Scholarship for 2015 . In a statement he says: :As Jonas believed in Biblical morals in a sociey, I also believe the only way to fight injustices, immorality and improve the social struvctures of a society  is to boldly preach the Gospel to every nation.  


After graduation from ORU and a three year internship with Global Ventures His goal is to become a mass crusade evangelist.




The 2016 Recipient of Jonas Scholarship.



Dustin Marcus Virgil from Colorado received Jonas Scholarship for 2016. He writes: " I love to camp, hike and all things outdoor and also has a passion for photography, videography and typography.


He plans to major in Christian Ministry with a focus on missions and a minor in graphic design. Dustin plans in the future to start an international missions movement.


"Jonas life  really inspired me., " he writes. " The way Jonas lived his life was so special. It is an honor that I get to represent Jonas through this scholarship"

 The 2017 Jonas Scholarship was  awarded to Holland Henagan from Arkansas. She is the first young woman to be awarded the Scholarship which was opened to girls this year. She plans to major in communications


The scholarships origin has a special meaning to Holland as  her older sister Haven died of brain cancer very young.. This event has inspired Holland to trust God even though His ways did not seem right or fair. 

The 2017 Recipient of Jonas Scholarship.



The 2018 Recipient of Jonas Scholarship.



 The 2018 Jonas Scholarship was  awarded to Caroline Brancheau from Michigan. Caroline grew up and still resides in Auburn Hills, Michigan, but says she was called by God when she was a senior in high school to attend Oral Roberts University. She plans to become an elementary school teacher.


She hopes to work with students whose second language is English. She has recently studied abroad in Costa Rica to learn Speanish to better be equipped to work with her students


"When I heard Jonas story I was so inspired by his strong faith and trust in the Lord despite his circumstances " says Caroline. " He seems to have been such a joy and light to those around him. I am honored to get to attend the university of his dreams and blessed to receive this scholarship in his honor.


IMG_3769 (2).JPG

Rilely Kempker from Mount Pleasant Iowa is studying for a double major in ministry and leadersip with a concentration in evangelism and outreach communications at Oral Roberts University.

Riley is involved in a Prayer Movement, a student led gathering of continous  parayer and worship at ORU. He has served as a leader for mission trips to Myanamar, Guatemala and the Phillipines.

He feels this scolarshp is a blessing and a seed being planted in his life preparing him for full time ministry.


Riley Kempker, the 10th Annual Recipient of Jonas Scolarship. 2019



Recipient Plaque Update 2020 (2).jpg

Christopher M. Constanza , the 11th Annual Recipient of Jonas Scolarship. 2020



Christopher M. Constanza from Baton Rouge, Lousiana is majoring in marketing and minor in media production/communication with plans to return to school after graduation to study ministry and theology.

in the future he hopes to help spearhead diverse ministries  such as churchplanting, launching dream centers and producing Christian media.

The Jonas Scholarship caught his attention because Jonas and himself seemed to share a similar passion to overcome odds and reflect the love of Christ to others.


Elisabeth Knight.jpg
Justin Roe.JPG
Beauu Fields -2023 Scholarship Recipient.jpg

Elisabeth Joy Knight , the 12th Annual Recipient of Jonas Scolarship. 2021

Elisabeth Joy Knight is from Ramsey, Minnesota.

From most of her childhood her family  moved back forth from England and America. This came with many new schools and homes.

From this and visits to other countries for my parents ministry she felt her calling was to travel to the unreached. Jonas Scholarship sparked her interest because he also longed to go to Oral Roberts University

Elisabeth plans to study ministry and leadership with a concentration in evangelism and outreach as well as a minor in finance 


Justin Roe the 13th Annual Recipient of Jonas Scolarship. 2022


Justin Roe is from of Flushing a suburb of Flint, Michigan. where he grow up .


He  plans to major in business administration and minor in ministerial leadership, evangelism and outreach


I have faced much adversity in my own life and that touched me to apply for this scholarship, as my heart's desire is to be led by the Lord and help others

The scholarship is offered to students entering Oral Roberts University because that is where Jonas hoped to attend.  It has been awarded since 2007


The  youngest in the family of five, Beau is studying theology and working toward a degree in ministry and leadership, emphasizing evangelism and outreach.

He plans on doing full time ministry for the Lord in whatever capacity he may be called He is excited to share the Gospel in public speaking, evangelism, discipleship or preaching.


Beau Fieldst is the 14th Annual Recipient of Jonas Scolarship. 2023


Tour ORU Campus.jpg

Tour of ORU Campus 



Front Lennart and Barbro Nyberg-Founders Jonas Scholarship, Backrow Ryan Gaither Scholarsh

 In March 2023 Lennart and Barbro Nyberg, the initiator of Jonas Scholarship Fumd  had the opportunity to visit  Oral Roberts University with people who administer the Fund and distribute the Scholarship and others.


In front: Barbro and Lennart Nyberg, Backrow: from left, Ryan Gaither, Scholarship Coordinator and member of the Scholarship Committe, Dr Anne Burton, member of the Scholarship committe and Justin Roe, the recipient of Jonas Scholarship 2022

Jonas B. Nyberg Memorial Scholarship Fund

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